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veneer peeling machine line
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sanding machine plywood machine

wide belt sanding machine

Production Description:
This sanding machine can sanding the wood-based board, such as the MDF, plywood, hot pressed mat-plywood board, LVL board, flooring board, door panel, WPC board. The machine adopt C type machine structure, the whole body is equipped with the whole steel plate welded, integral frame structure makes the device more stable, higher machining accuracy. To overturn the traditional design, front electrical box, dust collecting effiectiveness better. User-friendly control panel, reasonable layout, simple operation. Equipment stable performance greatly reduced maintenance costs and improved production efficiency.


Technical parameters:

Model No. BSGRP-P13C
Processing width 40-1300MM
Processing thickness 2.5-80MM
Speed of sanding belt 18,14M/S
Size of sanding belt 1330X2200MM
Speed of feeding 6-30M/MIN
Total motor power 63.37KW
 Working air pressure 0.55MPA
Consumption of compressed air 0.15m³/min
air-speed of dust suction 25-30m/s
Dimension of the machine 2500x1970x1950mm
Weight 3200KGS

roller sanding machine
Production Description:
The machine is mainly used on the surface of plywood board, blockboard / mat core plywood board, WPC board, particle board, MDF and other processing sanding, sanding roller 420°is inclined, with diagonal press shoe press roll, and the feed a horizontal angle direction, greatly improving the precision sanding. Machine beam, fastening beams, pressure boots all cast iron, greatly improving the stability of the machine, all bearings NSK, pneumatic components AirTac, mainly Schneider Electric rocker control panel, rational layout, easy to operate . Feeding frequency control, and high production efficiency

Technical parameters:

Model No. SXR-R13X
Processing width 40-1300MM
Processing thickness 3-80MM
Speed of sanding belt 24M/S
Size of sanding belt 1330X2850MM
 Speed of feeding 2-42M/MIN
Total motor power 142.50KW
Working air pressure 0.55MPA
Consumption of compressed air 0.12m³/min
air-speed of dust suction 25-30M/S
Dimension of the machine 3180X3080X2440MM
Weight 11500KGS

Double side calibrating machine
Product Description:
Incorporating advanced technology ,using high quality imported parts and accessories and featuring stable performance ,precision double-side processing with thickness tolerance of± 0.1mm.
The machine is structured by cold forming rectangle steel,noted for high rigidity,vibration damping and deformation free.
Easily operated inverter speed regulator for reliable meterial feeding.
Simplified operation of the computer terminal with the industrial-grade touch screen.
400mm,350mm diameter of contact drum,considering all the factors as drums'weight,distortion and sand capability.

Technical parameters:

Model No. SR2A13D
Processing width 200-1300MM
Processing thickness 3-90MM
Speed of sanding belt 24M/S
Size of sanding belt 1350X2800MM/1350X3000MM
Speed of feeding 6-30M/MIN
Total motor power 164.7KW
 Working air pressure 0.6MPA
Consumption of compressed air 0.3m³/min
air-speed of dust suction 25-30M/S
 Dimension of the machine 3200X3900X2980MM
Weight 24000KGS

automatic sanding machine line

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veneer peeling machine
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